a felucca on the nile and the grand cafe in ma’adi

Thursday, July 5:  Al Hamdullilah!  Today is the last day of the week, so our weekend begins!!  You can tell I’m not really enjoying my Arabic classes at this place.  It’s not the Arabic I have the problem with, it’s the horrible facility.  Never mind.  I could complain about this every day, but I’ll try to keep it to the minimum.

me at Al Azhar on Thursday afternoon... struggling to make it through these Arabic classes.

Lisa looking very lovely in purple

Immediately after school, a group of us sets out to Ma’adi to take a felucca on the Nile.  We’ve heard it’s best to do this at sunset, and we have timed it just right.

Shannon & Lisa in the taxi

the view of Cairo traffic from inside the taxi

Our group consists of Kevin, Clint, Tarik, Shannon, Lisa and me. We have jokingly dubbed ourselves as the “infidels,” except for Tarik and Lisa, because we are the only non-Muslims in the whole Al Ameen group.

shannon & clint

Lisa, me and Shannon in front of the Grand Cafe on the Nile

the feluccas at the dock

Lisa has her mobile with her and she keeps it attached to hear ear.  She calls it her “Blue Tooth,” and she has it stuck stylishly in her hijab.

Lisa with her "blue tooth"

We head out in the boat and love watching the other feluccas on the river as the sun slowly sinks into the river.

the feluccas from the water

me with the felucca captain

Shannon, Lisa and me on the felucca

the felucca

the sun sets

a view of another felucca from our felucca

the sun sets on the Nile

After our trip, we head to the Grand Cafe, where we order Stella beers, fried shrimps on pita bread, and we smoke apple-flavored shisha.  When we leave the Grand Cafe, our taxi driver has his music on full blast and is dancing away in the car while he’s driving.  Fun times in Cairo!!

me beside the Nile at the Grand Cafe

the waiter at the Grand Cafe sets up Kevin with shisha

tarek smokes some shisha

clint & shannon at the grand cafe

Lisa with a mysterious cloud coming out of her mouth

our crazy dancing & singing taxi driver

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