coffee brewed on a brick at al azhar & coffee in a cairo cafe

Wednesday, July 18:  During one of our breaks at Al Azhar University today, a lady sells coffee that she brews on a large brick with a heating element of some kind in it.  What a lovely facility this Al Azhar is.  Don’t these people know it’s 2007?

the "stove" at Al Azhar University

the “stove” at Al Azhar University

the "stove" and the coffee pot

the “stove” and the coffee pot

the coffee lady

the coffee lady

After class, I get an email from R in response to my email of yesterday.

C,  Got back onto anitbiotics.  That, in theory, should solve this as the most recent prognosis {of the spider bite} is a consequent infection (cellulitise?) in the skin.  Napped all afternoon and the swelling is going down.  Color is getting better and I feel, well, napped.  I rather suspect a nap a day might be better than the antibiotics, but I’ll try the chemicals for a while. Should be enough to fix this.  I’ll keep you posted. And I’ll be completely honest about it.

Speaking of honest, no I didn’t spend the night with a student.  (You did mean female student, right? 🙂  Actually, I didn’t feel all that well and think I went through a short-term fever, which broke sometime during the night.  Weird.  I only sleep about 4 hours a night, but sleep them pretty deeply.

Speaking of honest, keep me posted on the ‘dates’ with the brain surgeon.  Or maybe not; your call.  Like you, I always like knowing where I stand so I don’t make a fool of myself.  Actually, one of my biggest fears in life is being an annoyance or extra baggage and not knowing it.  I’m quite certain it has precluded many adventures over the years because I was so afraid of being an unwanted and not knowing it. So I assume being not-wanted and act accordingly.  And yet, I’ve admired those who seem able to ignore the possibility and act boldly, and then shrug off the rejection.   I wonder if that is nurture or nature.  Oh well, something to explore.

Anyway, I’d rather be in Egypt, or NY, or Baltimore for that matter. I’m pretty burned out with this whole job thing right now and just jealous as hell about how alive you sound.  I’m not TOO bothered by Basim; that just goes with the territory.  But I do really envy how alive you sound.  So wish I could be part of that.  Damn.

Stay well, stay safe, and stay in touch.


In the evening, Lisa, our roommate Souhaila, and I go into Cairo to meet Lisa’s long-time Egyptian friend.  Mahmoud drives us there.  We drink coffee and chat and then return back to Muquttum after a fairly uneventful evening out.

Back: Mahmoud, Lisa and Lisa's friend; front: me and Souhala

Back: Mahmoud, Lisa and Lisa’s friend; front: me and Souhala

Mahmoud, Lisa and Lisa's friend (I forgot his name!)

Mahmoud, Lisa and Lisa’s friend (I forgot his name!)


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