final saturday in cairo: a shopping spree at the far end of road 9

Saturday, July 28: I am almost to the end of my month in Egypt and this is our last weekend day here.  Lisa and I plan to do some shopping later this afternoon.  We also need to study, as our final exams and graduation are tomorrow.

This morning, I send an email to R:

Have you fallen off the face of the earth???  I haven’t heard much from you.  Have you decided to join the “Hate Cathy Club”?  Or are you simply incredibly busy?  Or maybe you are tired of me cluttering your life.

Anyway, I hope all is well with you.  It is so freaking hot here.  All I feel like doing is staying in my apartment with the A/C going full blast.  There is no relief from the heat when you go out.  Taxis, cafes, shops: none of them have air conditioning.  I want to shop more at Khan el Khalili, but don’t know if I can brave the heat.

Study today, maybe shop, who knows what else.  My 3 infidel friends enjoyed the hash last night.  We had a lovely spot with a pool for BBQ and cold beers afterwards.  None of my Egyptian friends were there.  It was fun, nonetheless.

Take care kind sir,
let me know if you have abandoned me…

I hear back from him after a couple of hours:

Not off the face of earth, yet, but flitting around the edges lately and have had a bit of a problem getting to and staying near a computer.  Not in the club.  Can’t even imagine the club.  Quite the contrary.  But, have to dash again. I’ll try to be more complete about my flittings later– they mostly have to do with a flood of papers from two courses and performance evaluations for all the people who work for me, due Tuesday.  I’m just a grading fool.  And no time to be human or to slow down.  Will chat more when I can.

As for my ‘millionnaire’ just as I was going to lay into him, his wife asked me under her breath not to burst his bubble.  Damn.

See you soon!!!

Lisa and I go on a shopping spree at some shops at the far end of Road 9 in Muquttum.  She does more damage than I, but both of us buy a lot of stuff we don’t need.  After we shop, we have a lunch of cucherie and Coca-Cola in a steamy hole-in-the-wall.

me having cucherie and Coca-Cola in Muquttum

me having cucherie and Coca-Cola in Muquttum

Lisa in Muquttum

Lisa in Muquttum

Lisa and me in the tuk-tuk

Lisa and me in the tuk-tuk

Lisa and me after our shopping spree

Lisa and me after our shopping spree

Lisa, me and our spoils

Lisa, me and our spoils

Later, I write back to R:

I know you are swamped and I’m just happy to hear you haven’t joined the club.  I hope you haven’t surreptitiously added your name to the wait list.  Anyway, we will talk more upon my return to the USA after Tuesday.  I am so looking forward to seeing you.  The boys called today and Adam goes to lax camp through Wednesday, so I’m sure I will need to spend some time with him when he returns.  He sounded sad and like he misses me.  Alex seems to be doing fine.  Mike never speaks to me when the boys call.

I will leave you to your paper grading and your performance evaluations.  I have my big Arabic test tomorrow, but instead of studying today, Lisa and I went shopping at the other end of Muquttum.  We actually found it quite nice.  If only we’d discovered it earlier.  We were so dead set against the neighborhood from the start, that we never gave it a chance.  Oh well, that’s life.

So, hold on dear R, and I look forward to seeing you in just several more days.

He responds back:

Love it, loved it, loved it, loved it, loved it.


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